Submitting travel requests

Travel requests for regionally-allocated PLD are made in the online PLD system.

If you are requesting Tier 7 travel, you will also need to submit a Tier 7 budget using the budget template. The template is available by emailing

Once the Tier 7 budget is complete, send it back and a member of the National Office PLD team will contact you.

If a travel request is declined, the National Office PLD team will contact you.

Te tuku tono haerenga

Ka tuku tono haerenga mō te PLD ā-rohe mā te pūnaha PLD ā-tuihono.

Mehemea e tono ana koe i te haerenga Taumata 7, me tuku he tahua pūtea Taumata 7 hoki e whakamahi ana i te tauira tahua pūtea. Ka wātea te tauira mā te īmēra ki

Ina  oti te tahua pūtea Taumata 7, whakahokia, ā, ka whakapā atu ki a koe tētahi mema o te tīma PLD Tari ā-Motu.

Ki te whakapekangia te tono haerenga, ka whakapā atu ki a koe te tīma PLD o te Tari ā-Motu.

PLD provider: how to create a travel request Kaiwhakarato PLD: me pēhea te whakatū tono haerenga

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Kia ora

This video will guide you through creating a travel request after a school, kura, Kāhui Ako or cluster has allocated PLD hours to a facilitator in your PLD Provider organisation. Travel requests need to be created by the PLD Provider organisation, rather than by an individual facilitator. 

To get started, you will need to log into the online PLD system and click the “travel request” tab located in the top menu bar. This will take you to a dashboard where you can view all travel requests submitted by your organisation.

When you are ready to begin creating a travel request, click “New” in the top right hand corner of the page. A box will appear on screen.

Look at the list of travel distances and select the option that is applicable to this travel. These options reflect the tiers in the current travel policy. You can find a copy of the travel policy on the PLD website.

If you are applying for a Tier 7 request because you need to make an unusual journey that does not match any of the other options, select “negotiated” from the list and tick “exceptional circumstances” in the bottom left of the screen.

You will also need to submit a tier 7 budget as part of this request. This is done via email to the PLD Providers mailbox. If you need a copy of the budget template, please contact the PLD Provider mailbox.

In the “Justification” field, please note the date you emailed your budget to the PLD Providers mailbox.

Under “proposal”, type in the relevant proposal number and select the proposal your travel request relates to. You can find a list of your proposal numbers on the home tab of the menu bar.

In the facilitator search field, type in the facilitator name for this travel request. Once the facilitator name appears as an option, click on the name to select.  You will need to repeat this step for the Provider organisation field below.

When you have completed all fields, click “Save”.

If you are creating multiple travel requests, click “Save and New” to save your current request and move to a new travel request. If you need to enter multiple travel requests for the same PLD allocation, repeat the steps above until all of the facilitators requiring travel for that allocation have a travel request submitted. You may prefer to enter these in the system all at the same time to make tracking them easier.

Once you have saved your travel request, this will take you to the summary page. You will be able to make any final changes before submitting the request for approval. Please note that if you are saving multiple travel requests at a time, you will be directed to the summary page of the last travel request that you have saved. You can find a list of the rest of your travel requests on the travel request tab of the menu bar.

To make changes, click the pencil icon that is located at the end of each field.

If you wish to cancel the travel request, click the dropdown arrow in the top right hand corner. This will show “Cancel travel request” as an option for you to select.

Finally, once you are satisfied with your request, click “Submit for approval”

Your request will be sent to the National PLD team for review. A decision notification will be sent to you via the online system.

If you have any questions in relation to submitting travel requests, please contact our PLD Providers mailbox.

Thank you for watching.

Statements of Work

Once a travel request is submitted and processed by the National Office, a Statement of Work (SOW) will be automatically generated.

SOWs can be identified by their proposal document number ('PD –XXXXXXX'). The SOW pdf file is attached to the proposal document in the online PLD system, which also has the SOW code ('SOW – XXXXXX').

You no longer need to print and sign PLD SOWs for PLD allocations. Instead, you can now mark the SOW as approved in the online PLD system if it is correct.


Purchase orders

Once a SOW has been issued and approved by the provider, a purchase order (PO) will be sent to you from the Ministry’s Accounts Payable team.

The PO will outline what services have been purchased, the travel cap (if applicable) and when you can invoice the Ministry for the milestones.

All POs have a unique numerical code. This PO number must be included on all invoices sent to the Ministry to allow for prompt payment processing.


Invoicing the Ministry

Invoices must be sent to directly, with copied in. If the invoices are not sent in this way, it can cause delay.

When invoicing for a milestone payment, please provide the following information:

  • PO number and SOW code
  • which milestone is being invoiced for
  • separate lines for facilitator time and for travel.

When invoicing for travel costs, please provide:

  • SOW code
  • total value of travel expenses claimed for each facilitator
  • total value of travel hours claimed for each facilitator
  • the number of visits made to the school, kura, Kāhui Ako or cluster for each facilitator. 

The invoice must also include the following statement:

“It is confirmed that all travel expenditure contained in this invoice has met the minimum delivery conditions as outlined in the Centrally Funded PLD Travel Policy."

Travel invoices without this information or with claims for the full travel cap will be queried by the National Office PLD team and sent back before they can be processed for payment.


Making changes

If any changes need to be made throughout the PLD allocation, such as changing facilitators or timeframes, you must complete and submit a change request.

If needed, a variation SOW will be issued.



Tauākī Mahi

Ina tukua he tono haerenga, ā, kua tukatukatia e te Tari ā-Motu, ka whakaputaina aunoatia tētahi Tauākī Mahi, (arā, he 'Statement of Work', he 'SOW').

Ka taea te tautohu i te SOW mā te nama puka marohi o runga (PD - XXXXXXX'). Ka tāpirihia te kōnae pdf SOW ki te puka marohi i roto i te pūnaha PLD ā-tuihono, kei reira hoki te waehere SOW ('SOW – XXXXXX').

Kua kore koe e mate ki te tā me te waitohu i ngā SOW PLD mō ngā whakaritenga PLD. Kia tohua kē e koe te SOW kua whakaaetia i roto i te pūnaha PLD ā-tuihono, mēnā kua tika.


Ngā Tono Hoko

Ina tukua, whakaaetia hoki te SOW e te kaiwhakarato, ka tukua ki a koe tētahi tono hoko, (arā, he 'Purchase Order, he 'PO') nā te tīma Accounts Payable o Te Tāhuhu.

Ka whakamārama te PO i ngā ratonga kua hokona, te tepe haerenga (ki te hāngai), me te wā ka taea e koe te tuku nama ki Te Tāhuhu mō ngā tohu kauneke.

Kei ngā PO katoa he waehere tau ahurei. Me whakauru i tēnei tau PO ki ngā puka nama katoa ka tukua ki Te Tāhuhu kia kama ai te utu.


Te tuku nama ki Te Tāhuhu

Me tuku tōtika ngā puka nama ki , ā, me tuku kape ki Ki te kore e tukua pēneitia ngā puka nama, ka takaroa pea te utu.

Ina ka tuku puka nama mō te utu kauneke, tēnā, tukua mai ēnei mōhiohio:

  • Te nama PO me te waehere SOW
  • mō tēhea kauneke te puka nama
  • he rārangi motuhake mō te wā kaihuawaere me te haerenga.

Ina whakarite i te puka nama mō te nama haerenga, tēnā whakaratoa:

  • Te waehere SOW
  • te tapeke o ngā nama haerenga mō ia kaihuawaere
  • te tapeke o ngā haora haerenga mō ia kaihuawaere
  • te maha o ngā haerenga ki te kura, Kāhui Ako rānei mō ia kaihuawaere.

Me uru ki te puka nama te tauākī e whai ake nei hoki:

"E whakapūmautia ana kua tutuki ngā herenga whakarato mōkito i te whakapaunga ā-haerenga kei roto i tēnei puka nama, e ai ki te Kaupapa Here Haerenga PLD kua Whiwhi Tahua mai i te Kāwanatanga, (arā, ko te 'Centrally Funded PLD Travel Policy')".

Ka pātaihia e te tīma PLD o te Tari ā-Motu ngā puka nama haerenga kāore tēnei mōhiohio o roto, kei roto rānei te nama mōrahi mō te haerenga, ā, ka whakahokia i mua i te whakarite utu.

Te panoni

Ki te hiahiatia te panoni i te wā o te whakaritenga PLD, hei tauira ko te tīni kaihuawaere, wā motuhake rānei, me oti i a koe, ā, me tuku he tono panoni.

Ki te hiahiatia, ka tukua he panoni SOW.