Information on PLD for structured approaches to literacy & te reo matatini

 The Ministry is funding professional learning and development (PLD) for structured approaches to literacy and te reo matatini.

This PLD will support teachers to use structured literacy, including phonemic awareness, systematic synthetic phonics knowledge, fluency, comprehension, oral language, vocabulary, syntax, and text structure for the purpose of reading and writing. It will also support teachers to understand the principles of explicit and intentional teaching, including being systematic, precise, repeated and varied, cumulative, diagnostic, responsive, and the gradual release model.

This support will be available in Term 3 2024, initially focusing on year 0-3 teachers and becoming available to year 4-6 teachers during 2025.


Structure of the PLD

This PLD will be offered through providers who have been quality-assured by the Ministry.

Schools will be able to apply for funding to participate in this PLD and select the provider of their choice – subject to provider capacity.

PLD will be delivered over three school terms and comprises the following as a minimum over two phases:


  • Core delivery: 3 full day facilitated workshops, and 4 communities of practice (over one term)
  • Maintenance and support: 4 communities of practice (over two terms)

 The delivery of PLD can include face-to-face and/or virtual/remote delivery, and will run in cohorts. For the 2024 school year, cohort details are:


Cohort 1, 2024 Term 3 2024 Term 1 2025
Cohort 2, 2024 Term 4 2024 Term 2 2025

Funding and how to access the PLD

Schools and kura can apply on a per-teacher basis for participation in the PLD. PLD for up to twenty participants can be requested.

If funding is approved, schools and kura will be able to approach and select an approved provider to enrol their participants in the PLD.

Approved funding will be paid directly to providers by the Ministry.

Applications are currently closed for Cohort 1, 2024. Refer to key dates below for cohort and application round dates.


Funding for Teacher Release Days (TRDs)
Teacher release funding will be provided for the 3 full day facilitated workshops. This funding will be calculated on approval of successful funding applications and will be paid to schools and kura directly following the core delivery phase of PLD.

Note: teacher release funding will only be provided for participants that are full-time or part-time teachers, and staff employed at the school in a Limited Authority to Teach (LAT).


Eligibility criteria

For the initial cohorts beginning in 2024, the PLD will only be accessible to Years 0-3 teachers, including: 

  • Full time or part-time teachers
  • Staff employed on a Limited Authority to Teach (LAT)
  • RTLit/RTLB, reading recovery teachers and other specialist staff attached to the school
  • Regular relieving teachers

Priority will be given to teachers who have had no prior training in structured teaching approaches for literacy or te reo matatini.

All state and state-integrated schools and kura nationwide are welcome to apply.  

All state/integrated schools with teachers in Years 0–3 who have not yet received structured literacy PLD are eligible for this PLD. If a school already has teachers trained in structured literacy approaches, this does not exclude the school from applying for this PLD for their untrained teachers.

Approved providers

The following providers have been approved to deliver PLD for schools and kura who have been approved to participate in PLD for structured literacy and te reo matatini approaches.

Please note: not all providers have been listed at this time; the Ministry will update this list as agreements with providers are finalised.

Information about each provider’s offering can be found on their website.

Schools and kura approved for PLD will need to contact their chosen provider directly to enrol. Providers will require the approved funding application reference number (ARN) to accept enrolment – the ARN can be found in the approval confirmation email.

Schools and kura will need to ensure they have enrolled with their chosen provider by the deadline – refer to key dates below for enrolment deadlines.


English medium or Māori medium
Contact details

 Blend Learning NZ Ltd

English medium - structured literacy approaches


Phone: 021444209

Accessing funding and working with a provider

SLA PLD Funding process diagram

Discuss the application with your principal or tumuaki and determine which year 0-3 teachers would participate in this PLD. Ensure the teachers give consent for their names and work email addresses in the application. 


Ensure your school has a PLD Leader with an Education Sector Logon (ESL) – they will apply on behalf of the school.


Apply for funding through the online form by 1 July 2024.

Funding for up to 20 participants can be requested – ensure you have their names and work email addresses before you start.


The Ministry receives and reviews your application. Ministry Regional Offices will be consulted to determine priority schools and kura for support (funding is limited).


The Ministry will notify schools and kura of the outcome of their application.

If the application is successful, an application reference number (ARN) will be provided - which confirms approved funding.

Schools and kura who have been granted funding can approach and enrol in PLD with a Ministry-approved provider for structured literacy or te reo matatini approaches.


Approach an approved provider and enrol. The funding application reference number (ARN) must be given to the provider as confirmation of approved funding.


Providers will submit their enrolment list to the Ministry for verification of funding. Once funding has been verified with the Ministry, providers will confirm your school’s place in the cohort.


PLD will commence – refer to key dates below for cohort start and end dates.


Teacher release funding will be paid to schools and kura directly after the core delivery phase of the PLD (generally this will be in the second term of the PLD).

Please note that any emails regarding the status or outcome of your application will be sent from an email address with the domain – please ensure you are checking your junk/spam email folders.

If you have questions about the PLD or about an application, please contact

Key dates

Cohort 1 2024


Funding application round opens

18 June 2024

Funding application round closes

4 July 2024

Application outcomes notified

5 July 2024

Deadline for schools to enrol with providers

31 July 2024

Cohort 1 PLD commences

From mid Term 3 2024

Cohort 1 PLD completed

End of Term 1 2025


Cohort 2 2024 - indicative (to be confirmed)


Funding application round opens

Early September 2024

Cohort 2 PLD commences

Mid Term 4 2024

Cohort 2 PLD completed

End of Term 2 2025



Set up your Education Sector Logon (ESL)

If you are the PLD Lead within the school and do not have access, the Delegated Authoriser in your school must update your account with the “PLD Leader” permissions, or first invite you to create an account if you do not already have one. Your Delegated Authoriser is most likely the school principal or tumuaki.

Your Delegated Authoriser can visit Support for School Delegated Authorisers to update or create a new ESL account.

If you need help setting up your ESL, contact the Ministry's Education Service Desk team by phone: 0800 422 599 or email:

PLD Lead Permissions v2

PLD Leader permissions in ESL for the PLD System